Virtual Human Traffic Amplifier

Create, control, manage a virtual persona, and effortlessly monetize it.

The global market size of digital humans is projected to reach $527.58 billion by 2030.

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Virtual Influencers under management

Xian Yuqiang


Total views of first live stream on Kuaishou


Concurrent viewership


Follower growth in 7 days

Bring a movie character to live interactions with fans on video platforms.

Retired lion king from the movie "Lion King Boy"

Xu Anyi


Tips received on Douyin within 100 days


Top of 2022 Douyin China Virtual Idol Rankings


Fans gained in just 100 days of live streaming

Traffic miracle, high-growth monetization channels

A chatterbox "Fox Demon" from the metaverse

Pingtou Brothers




Follower growth in first month of virtual live streaming


Likes received

Rapid growth in live fan base

Daily lives of five funny animals

Heart of Soul

Chinese Peking Opera beauty

Honeymoon Home

A mother with a 6-month-old baby, live-streaming for 7 days with over 10,000 views

Dance After AIMI

Over 10,000 simultaneous viewers for 7 days

Little Wise Mouse

Cute little mouse with many adorable clips

Clever Princess

A girl from the ancient Xinglin Kingdom

Love Xia

Talented girl excelling in singing, dancing, and musical instruments

Class Three Wang Qiang

ZHY band lead singer

Ageless Turtle

Quirky pink turtle with a lively spirit

Lone Puppet

Bringing the Terracotta Warriors and Horses to life

Light Daybreak

Powerful vocals, captivating audiovisual feast

Hollywood-Level Home Motion Capture Technology

STEPVR's groundbreaking laser + inertial motion capture technology, favored by hundreds of professional virtual idols.

Stable and Interference Resistant
Easy Installation and One-Button Operation
Durable and Easy to Maintain
Sub-millimeter Tracking Precision
Small Footprint (Starting at 2m × 2m)
Zero Latency

All-in-One Virtual Human Operation Management System

5-Minute Setup, 5-Hour Live Streaming

Virtual Humans Driving Industry Revolution

Virtual Idols & Virtual Influencers

  • Exponential Growth in Traffic
  • Unlimited Monetization Potential
  • Simple Environment Setup
  • High-Quality Short Videos

Brand Ambassadors

  • Significantly Reduce Brand Reputation Risks
  • Build Enterprise Traffic and User Base
  • Rapid and Creative Content Generation
  • Efficient Brand Marketing Feedback

Traditional Industry Metaverse Integration

  • Establish New Corporate Image in the Metaverse
  • Control Your Own Metaverse IP
  • Facilitate Easy and Fun Cross-Industry Collaboration and Activities

Core Technology

Motion Capture Technology

Setup in 5 minutes
Livestream for 5 hours

Laser Tracker

Supports full-body motion capture

Tracking Gloves

Tracks individual finger movements

Laser Emitter Tower

Sub-millimeter precision

Facial Capture Rig

Easily achieve real-time expression and audio capture using iOS and Android devices