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STEPVR is a leading provider of technology and service infrastructure for the metaverse. Its proprietary hardware and software products, as well as its innovative services, enable clients from various industries to transition smoothly into the metaverse age.

  • Product

    Travel limitless metaverse distance from your living room

    Gates 01 Home version occupies only 1.5 meter square of space. It is the world’s first home computing platform that allows users to travel freely in the metaverse with zero motion sickness.
  • Press

    STEPVR CEO Talks About Gates 01 Launch at a CNBC Interview

    In June 2022, Dr Guo Cheng was interviewed by CNBC on the release of Gates 01, the world’s first Ready Player One portal into the metaverse.
  • News

    STEPVR Signs Deal To Launch Over 100 VR Arcade Stores In Thailand, First In History

    In December 2022, STEPVR entered the Thailand market. The company incorporated their Thailand legal entity, Petabit with a local shareholder, to launch 100++ free-roam VR stores.
  • Solution

    Virtual idols are the next generation creator economy trend

    Short video content accounts for 82% internet traffic by now. Appearing as avatars on your videos can boost your audience engagement and grow your fan base exponentially.
  • Solution

    A new growth engine for future retail malls

    Transform traditional retail into unforgettable customer experience through phygital booths and exhibitions set up at major shopping centers.
  • blog

    Metaverse Will be Popular by 2030? I’d Say, The Next Three Years Are Enough

    Contrary to other metaverse leaders our founder Dr Guo is confident that he can deliver the metaverse promise in the next 3 years.
  • Technologies

    World’s leading hardware and software metaverse technology

    We achieve authentic virtual reality through a full spectrum of technologies that include laser positioning with sub-millimeter accuracy, motion capture, robotic haptics, and omnidirectional motion systems.
  • Event

    Innovation Made Real by Capitaland

    In October 2022, Dr Guo Cheng was invited to present at CapitaLand event, “Innovation Made Real”.


liberate the creative power of all mankind with metaverse technologies

Commercial Space

Entertainment, retail, tourism, training, education, real estate, office, filming, therapy

The Internet

Virtual idol liveshow, short films, virtual brand & marketing, livestream ecommerce, interactive gaming, virtual event launch


Ready Player One OASIS made real: Teleport freely between the virtual and real worlds


Our world's first and only portal device that regenerates all 5 senses, offering a fully immersive metaverse experience, just like in the movie "Ready Player One".

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All-in-one virtual human tech & service solution, the new metaverse traffic generator, boosting conversion and revenue for businesses with virtual avatars.

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Free-Roam VR

Our branded franchise centers featuring large-space multi-player free-roam VR gameplay, attracting organic traffic and promoting high customer retention and conversion.

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World Leading

Positioning and Motion Capture

The only VR arena worldwide
to support up to 40 players simultaneously over a 1000m² area

Omnidirectional Treadmill

he world’s first and only commercialized omnidirectional treadmill that allows users to walk and run without limits


The world’s first and only VR technology that incorporates robotic haptic feedback to rebuild our
tactile sense in the metaverse


150+ Franchise Stores

1.5 Million+
Customers Served

200+ Virtual Influencers Onboarded


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